Key Benefits Of Microsoft Certification

Key Benefits Of Microsoft Certification
Key Benefits Of Microsoft Certification

There are many benefits, but let’s face facts – certifications fuel new careers and six-figure salaries. Experts agree that opportunities in IT are only growing, and more opportunities with a proven set of skills translate into higher pay. Certifications place you in a position to take advantage of them.

Microsoft Certification Technology Drives Business Success
Microsoft Certification Knowledge is Power
Microsoft Certification Job Satisfaction
Microsoft Certification Competitive Advantage
Microsoft Certification Improve IT Operations AND Increase ROI

Technology Drives Business Success

Technology now affects more businesses in more ways than ever before. From SMBs to large enterprises technology routinely sits at the center of business strategy. According to a recent study by CompTIA, 80% of organizations indicate their IT skills gap affect at least one business area such as staff productivity (41%), customer service / engagement (32%), and security (31%). Gaps in IT skills are likely hindering companies’ optimal utilization of technology and presumably hampering business successes.

Most professionals in hiring positions already recognize that investing in staff training is typically a cheaper option than hiring new employees; after all employees are a company’s most valuable asset.

Knowledge is Power

You: Employee skill levels are directly responsible for how an organization performs in several key areas of IT. Seventy-five percent of managers believe that certifications are important to team performance.

Your Employer: Companies with Microsoft Certified Professionals experienced shorter server downtimes and greater productivity in the help-desk function, which more than paid for the direct and indirect costs associated with certification.

Job Satisfaction

You: Job Security
> 91% of hiring managers consider certification as part of their hiring criteria.
> Certifications are rated have extremely high or high value in validating the skills and expertise of job candidates by 64 percent of IT hiring managers.
Your Employer: Job Performance
> Increase Team Productivity and Performance. Sixty-three percent of hiring managers say certified individuals are more productive than their non-certified counterparts.
> Strengthen IT Staff. An employee that is a recognized MS certified subject matter expert (SME) is an important resource of knowledge and skill to other employees. This resource enhances team cohesiveness and value. On average, 40 to 55% of top-performing teams have obtained Microsoft Certifications.

Competitive Advantage

You: All other things being equal, employers will choose a candidate with a certification over one who lacks it. Many IT Managers agree that certifications show that an IT professional is devoted to their career. This is supported by CompTIA’s findings with regards to hiring managers’ perceptions on certifications:
> 59% of hiring managers said that it showed a candidate’s commitment to a career in IT
> Another 61% said that certifications show subject matter expertise
> While 58% think certifications demonstrate initiative.

Your Employer: Certifications matter to those businesses that need certified employees for specific reasons, such as partnership requirements or to satisfy client requirements. Microsoft Certifications elicit a distinct competitive edge in RFPs, contracts and bids for your company by providing industry recognition of company knowledge and proficiency.

Improve IT Operations AND Increase ROI

You: 45% of employees strongly agree that when their employers pay for exams, it provides a strong incentive to stay in their jobs. 2

Your Employer: Microsoft Certified employees are more confident and productive. They know how to better utilize technology for your business by creating more secure and effective solutions – saving time and eliminate risk to your company.