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NetLabs IT Consultancy was established in 2007 and it has become one of India’s leading IT companies. We create value for our enterprise clients by providing a whole range of cost-effective solutions and services with several technologies and helping them achieve their business objectives. We offer custom-made cost-effective solutions and substantial benefits while delivering the finest performance with integrity and commitment.

NetLabs IT Consultancy has got accreditation from NAICU, PMP, AAHEA, GARP, The Agile Alliance, Six Sigma Council for our pioneering work and high-end quality solution along with unequaled customer satisfaction.

Netlabs IT Consultancy is a professional services business specializing in the project landscape, transforming strategy into fit-for-purpose delivery. Netlabs has obtained sustained growth by providing clients with a delivery environment supported by an assurance framework that allows them to tap into a wealth of accumulated knowledge, experience, and collateral on key transformation deliverables. In our IT and Management consulting services, we use cutting-edge technologies as a tool to help organizations realize their business objectives. We staff the project with senior-level consultants that have worked together on other projects. This approach ensures the best solution for the customer and ensures that we have a tightly integrated solution. Since the consultants have worked together, no requirements will be missed or inconsistent with related functionality.

Netlabs has completed numerous projects in India and the United States, so we understand the localized business needs and governmental risk and compliance factors involved with software implementations and consulting services.