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Project Management Professional (PMP)® Training

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Project Management Professional (PMP)® training is the fundamental and primary training suitable for the professionals who are associated with quality improvement initiatives. PMP offer an in-depth training that boosts your process improvement and project management expertise rapidly and effectively.

Project Management Professional (PMP)® training is the most crucial universally industry-accepted professional course and training for project managers. PMP® knowledge is universally demanded and its training confirms that a project manager has all essential like the experience, knowledge and proficiency to successfully lead and manage projects.

In Project management training, a project manager is taught the regulations of organizing, designing, acquiring and directing resources through which specific project goals and targets are successfully accomplished.

Benefits of MCSE certifications


MCSE is a certification option available to IT professionals who work with Microsoft technologies. Certification specializations comprises of server infrastructure, private cloud, enterprise devices and apps, Sharepoint, communication, messaging, data platform and business intelligence. There are tons of advantages incorporated with regard to salary and packages, an MCSE certification holder tend to get.

Microsoft Exchange Server training

Information technology revises rapidly, and professionals working in this sector must keep up with the latest developments. Attaining MCSE certification proves you’re well versed with the most recent Microsoft technologies, such as servers and operating systems. Obtaining an MCSE certification can also serve as a stepping stone to other additional certifications

Importance of Citrix Server


Citrix is well-known brand for the quality of their products and their dedication is to ensure only the best for companies which utilize their product. But, all companies are not equipped with trained professionals who are well aware of the ins and outs of the Citrix line of programs and materials.Citrix products are used all around the world by IT companies with a view to improve the quality and efficiency of their organization’s Information Technology services and general networks.

That is precisely why IT companies have the requirement of professionals who are competent of installing, implementing and troubleshooting Citrix products. This requirement in the IT industry has been vast, and a lot of job opportunities for Citrix-trained individuals have emeged just because of this fact.

Citrix XenDesktop is a suite of desktop virtualization products from Citrix Systems. With its bundled components, XenDesktop is equipped to deliver several different types of virtual desktops. This function is called to deliver desktops by a variety of methods such as FlexCast and disk images must be modified for each delivery method.

Microsoft Exchange Server training

Microsoft Exchange Server training

For any IT professional who is looking forward to a balanced and safe career with good growth and job security, Microsoft Exchange Server training is definitely a step in the right direction.

Netlabs ITS provides an excellent platform for Exchange Server training which covers an intact range of topics such as installation, administration, monitoring and troubleshooting the Exchange Server communication system and retrieve servers and databases from crash events. This training will also cover the development and deployment of sophisticated messaging and security solutions.

Engineers, programmers, or administrators who are looking for a career and employment in enterprise system management which operates with Microsoft Exchange Server are best suited to undergo this training. The components of database administration, project management and enterprise deployment which are taught in this training will come in handy when an aspiring IT manager enlarges the extent of his system vision.

Microsoft Exchange Server is an adaptable and dependable messaging platform which is used by organizations with a view to lowering their messaging costs and enhance productivity. Microsoft Exchange Server allows keeping command on messaging platforms to increase user productivity.