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Sun Solaris Certification


Our Introduction to Solaris course covers Solaris fundamentals, but in a practical and thorough way. You'll feel confident and eager to learn more, and will have all the skills necessary to handle day-to-day Solaris sessions. Many people comment that this is a "well-rounded" course, and sets them up perfectly to progress further. Logging in, file manipulation, directory skills, documentation, vi editor, file permissions, processes, shell command-line skills. Utilities overview, and CDE windows system are also covered, plus to finish off, a network services overview. A truly comprehensive course which provides the best possible springboard into your Solaris career. Netlabs ITS is the best online and classroom institute for Sun Solaris in Delhi NCR, Noida, India.

Essential skills for successful and secure systems administration. Solaris 10 System Administration (Part 1) concentrates on the important areas common to all workstations, such as Solaris installation, software management the admin GUI tools, Startup and Shutdown, File system management and security, taking backups AND restoring (even a complete system!), plus adding printers and disks. Everyone who needs to look after a Solaris system should start here. This course is comparable with the Oracle D61734GC10 (was SA-200-S10) System Administration for the Solaris 10 Operating System Part 1 course and provides training to a level needed for the Oracle Certified Expert Solaris 10 System Administrator exam 1Z0-877 part Read More..
For those who manage networked Solaris machines, the Solaris 10 System Administration (Part 2) course is as essential as the part 1 and covers all the skills necessary to successfully network your Solaris machines. This course covers networking from initial connection through basic commands, security, monitoring and up to Network File System (NFS) and the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access protocol) name service. The advanced topics include the Solaris Volume manager, Jumpstart (automated installs), Zones, and Live Upgrade, all with full hands-on experience at all stages. This course is comparable to the Oracle D61738GC10 (was SA-202-S10) course and leads to the Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certified Professional Part II exam (1Z0-878). Read More..
This five-day Solaris 10 Network Administration course is designed to cover Solaris network administration in depth and is an extension to our Solaris 10 System Administration (Part 1) and Solaris 10 Systems Administration (Part 2). This course covers many networking topics, including the TCP/IP model; network topologies, media, interfaces and utilities; ARP and RARP; configuring IP; IPMP (Multipathing); routing; IPV6 (IP version 6); DNS (Domain Name System); DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol); NTP (Network Time Protocol) and IP Filter Firewall. Additional topics are also covered, including Link Aggregations with dladm, Wireless Network configuratiom, and ISCSI configuration, with full hands-on experience at all stages. This course is comparable with the Oracle D61778GC10 (was SA-300-S10) course and leads to the Oracle Certified Expert, Solaris Network Administrator 1Z0-880 exam. Read More..


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