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Service Integration

Enabling the Best IT Framework for Your Business

Businesses have recognized the value of IT Outsourcing for years. Moving the operational responsibility for IT provision to specialist organizations can drive significant cost savings. However, with enterprises seeking more value from their outsourced services, they face the challenge of managing sophisticated IT supplier frameworks.

Netlabsits's Service Integration expertise enables your business to exploit best of breed solutions and to gain the next level of productivity and quality.

The service integrator provides a service “hub” to which the individual service providers connect. The “hub” reduces overall costs thanks to:

  • Centralized coordination and monitoring of the selected ‘best-of-breed’ suppliers for greater overall service quality and control
  • Consolidated, continuous improvement process for institutionalizing innovation
  • Leveraging the benefits of a modular solution for the business to invest or divest without complex IT implications
Business Focused Approach for an Efficient IT Service

Our approach is highly business-focused: starting with defining and agreeing business objectives before implementing the necessary IT standards, processes and governance model to achieve your goals. This includes defining key performance indicators and critical success factors that underpin any integration roadmap.

Pioneering IT Service Integration

This is a collaborative process involving business leaders, IT managers and service providers. Serving as a single, coordinating link between the business and the IT department, we build the appropriate framework to enhance the reliability, efficiency and reporting of your processes.

As the procurement and consumption of IT services change to pay-as-you-go models delivered by different service providers, companies need strong governance and seamless integration to ensure new and 'traditional' services deliver to well-defined business goals.

Our credentials include:

  • A strong reputation for delivering IT services: we were recently selected by the US State of Texas. This multi-sourcing project will optimize and cut costs for 28 statewide government agencies.

  • Pioneer of a multi-vendor IT strategy. We'll be responsible for supporting a number of key business applications including the majority of the company’s ERP and supply chain software systems

  • Highly experienced at blending on-premise and off-premise managed services across a wide range of private and public sector clients.