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Cyber Security

At NetLabs, we offer first-rate cyber security solutions to all sorts of enterprises with the objective to secure their IT infrastructure. We Have All Your Cyber Security Requirements Covered.


NetLabs is one of India's leading cybersecurity companies. It has established its name for its irrepressible cyber security solutions. We help companies, whether big or small in reforming their security positions. Our goal is to efficiently initiate and implement goal-oriented security strategies to help your business accelerate and grow strengthened by secured cyberspace. We value your digital assets and consider them our responsibility to protect them. We have specialization in cyber information security solutions, Data Privacy & Protection, Vulnerability Management, Infrastructure Security, Cloud Security pan India.

Our globally recognized certified consultants help you design and build perfect security plans. We have exceptional expertise in offering cyber security solutions to our clients, thereby empowering them to maintain, monitor, and control their security systems.

We have established comprehensive association with the leading vendors and provide end-to-end IT security to our clients which kicks off from the perimeter of the network to the endpoint security.

We have vast experience in delivering security projects across all industry verticals-on-premises as well as cloud environment.

Cloud Security

We offer security and compliance services designed to help shield your information and physical resources. Our state of art security tools for enterprises with cloud, virtual, and hybrid network frameworks help detect and respond to cyber-attacks. Appropriate skills and resource solutions are required for on-premise monitoring, effective installation, managing, and monitored. A managed cloud security solution puts an end to these difficulties and enables your in-house team to focus on other security needs instead of monitoring threat detection on daily basis.

Data Privacy & Protection

Once organizations commence digital transformation, there is an urgent requirement for data privacy and protection. Latest data privacy laws with rising enforcement of user rights for suitable data use pose challenges for today’s enterprises, which have additional data, applications, and locations than ever before. Our team of globally recognized certified consultants assists you to assess your threat risk and helps you make custom policies to encrypt and limit access to sensitive data, and report on data access.

Vulnerability Management

Many organizations grapple with implementing a mature Vulnerability Management (VM) program that can demonstrate a quantifiable reduction in risk to the business despite the current vulnerability scanning. Whether your organization is small or large, deploying a simple scanning service with the intent of a more mature approach to managing cyber risk through continuous scanning, closed-loop processes, integrated workflow, and real-time dashboards, E Square has a wide range of services to fit all specific customer needs.

Infrastructure Security

Our IT infrastructure security services promise the security of your infrastructure by differentiating application vulnerabilities, vulnerable components and misconfigured technologies. As we acknowledge exposures, we move deliberate and calculated expertise to help you upgrade and enhance your IT security posture. To get rid of security worries while implementing new technologies, organizations bank on infrastructure security services from managed security service providers. We enable customers to reduce support costs while notably improving the visibility of the performance of the IT infrastructure.

Other verticals include
  • Next Gen Firewall Secure
  • Web Gateway
  • Email Security
  • Application Visibility & Control – Content Filtering
  • Sandboxing for mitigating Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Secure Access Server (RADIUS & TACACS)
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing