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Global Engineering Services

Adopting new age digital technologies and engineering models is essential for global R&D networks today to create more innovative products faster. Discover how Netlabsits partners with your enterprise to build successful products and services through our solutions for Digital Engineering in a Connected World.

Ushering the New Era of Digital Engineering Experience

Our portfolio of Global Engineering Services brings asset based and consulting led solutions to leverage new age digital technologies, as the need to meet the customer expectations closely and generate a positive user experience on first launch of a product or service becomes key to the return on R&D investments.

  • Secure business process transformation using our proven Global Enterprise Model (GEM) that configures an optimal target operating model for achieving world-class outcomes.

  • Integration and optimization of all aspects of the finance ‘stack’ including services, processes, applications and infrastructure to minimize the total cost of finance.

Netlabsits believes you can and should expect more than first generation outcomes from your BPO partner. Ranked among the top three F&A providers in the world by leading analysts such as Gartner, HfS, and Nelson Hall, Netlabsits’s range of end-to-end and Finance and Accounting services are designed to help you deliver on your agenda. We know what good looks like and can provide you a best-in-class finance operation that achieves world-class outcomes to help reduce run rate cost between 30 and 70%, unleash working capital and access insights to drive more value across your business.

Solution offering:

  • Credit to Cash
  • Procure to Pay
  • Record to Analyze
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • CFO Analytics
  • Master Data Management