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ServiceNow is a cloud based platform which specializes in delivering IT service management (ITSM) applications. It integrates nimble development environment with lesser risk of failed deployment. The extensible platform allows to a single system of record for IT and systematizes process. Performance analytics directs the insights of business solutions can drive performance improvement. Netlabs ITS's ServiceNow training allows IT Professionals to learn to build an App Store and create data visualizations for businesses with infuse social collaboration as per the industry requirements.

Introduction to Service Now
  • Introduction to service now instances & Process
  • SNC Navigations
  • Forms, Lists and Tables
Basic Forms and List Modifications and Administration
  • Personalizing Forms
  • Personalizing Lists and List controls
  • Introduction to Different types of Fields
Configuring Users and Groups and Administration
  • Users
  • Groups
  • Roles
  • Roles tagging to users and groups
Tables & Columns and Administration
  • Introduction, schema map
  • creating tables
  • adding fields
Applications and Modules Administration
  • Creating and modifying applications and modules and other related activities
  • Limiting access of Applications and modules to specific set of roles
Introduction on different Modules
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Workflows and SLAs
Service Catalog
  • Introduction to Items and Categories
  • Introduction to Variables and Variable Sets.
  • Associating workflows to Items
Email Notifications and Events
  • Email notification creation(when to trigger, whom to trigger, What content to send)
  • Email notification through events
  • Email notification in workflow via notification and events
Import sets and Transform Maps
  • Data load through excel
  • Transform Mapping(Auto and Manual mapping)
  • Client Side scripting
  • Client Scripts (Intro, How to write and use)
  • UI Policy (Intro, How to write and use)
  • Server Side scripting
  • UI Actions (Intro, How to write and use)
  • Business Rules and Global Business Rules (Intro, How to write and use)
  • Script Include
Update Sets
  • Introduction to update set
  • Creating an update set
  • Using an update set
  • Retrieving update sets
  • Moving changes between instances
  • Advantages and best practices
Reports, Gauges and Homepage
  • Creating Quick reports from lists
  • Creating Reports, Gauges and Homepages
  • Various types of reports and usage
  • Scheduling reports

Best Practices in Service Now Miscellaneous information like different versions and differences


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