Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365


Office 365 from Microsoft is a revolutionary solution for those who don't want to miss important communications and data even when they're away from work. It is designed for an organization of any size and scope to help professionals stay connected. Office 365 Training courses from Netlabs will help you learn the secret of saving money, time and resources to greatly improve productivity in your organization.  

Course Content

Module 1: Planning and provisioning O365
Module 2: Managing Office 365 users and groups
Module 3: Configuring client connectivity to Office 365
Module 4: Planning and configuring directory synchronization
Module 5: Planning and deploying Office 365 ProPlus
Module 6: Planning and managing Exchange Online recipients and permissions
Module 7: Planning and configuring Exchange Online services
Module 8: Planning and configuring Office 365 collaboration service
Module 9:  Planning and configuring Rights management and compliance
Module 10: Monitoring and troubleshooting Office 365
Module 11: Planning and configuring identity federation



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