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ITIL 2011 Certification


IT Infrastructure Library™ (ITIL®) consists of best practices used in IT Service Management. The efficiency and effectiveness of an organization is bound to be enhanced through the implementation of IT Service Management rules. Netlabs ITIL 2011 Foundation training will teach how you could incorporate your business needs with your IT services and achieve the preset goals. This training will help you develop an understanding of importance of all departments and sections in an IT organization and the practices through which these departments and sections can work together in the most effective way. ITIL provides a systematic and professional approach to the management of IT service provision. 

After the completion of ITIL training and certifications, you would be entitled to several benefits. ITIL qualification is highly accepted and respected among IT professions all across the world as ITIL has established itself as a brand in the eyes of service providers. This training will help you learn a common language for service management applied globally. ITIL helps people to be able to find more efficient ways of working, which escalates their value in workplace. They also understand their roles and responsibilities within service management and delivery. ITIL training motivates people to explore new and innovative ways to improve delivery and customer satisfaction.

This training will be worth the effort, time and investment you put to help in your career growth.

Chapter 1: Introduction

  1. Introduction to key ITIL® concepts
  2. IT as a Service
  3. Introduction to processes and process management
  4. The Service Lifecycle approach

Chapter 2: Service Strategy

  1. Purpose, goal, objectives & Scope
  2. Value Creation through Services
  3. Assets – Resources and Capabilities
  4. Service Strategy – Main activities
  5. Service Strategy processes
  6. Service Portfolio management
  7. Demand management
  8. Financial management

Chapter 3: Service Design

  1. Purpose, goal, objectives & Scope
  2. Service Design processes
  3. The 4 P’s
  4. Service Design aspects
  5. Service Catalog Management
  6. Service Level Management
  7. Capacity Management
  8. Availability Management
  9. IT Service Continuity Management
  10. Service Portfolio
  11. Information Security Management
  12. Supplier management

Chapter 4: Service Transition

  1. Purpose, goal, objectives & Scope
  2. Service Transition value to the business
  3. Technology and architecture in Service Transition
  4. Service Transition Processes
  5. Change Management
  6. The 7 R’s of Change Management
  7. Service Asset and Configuration Management
  8. Availability Management
  9. IT Service Continuity Management
  10. Release and Deployment Management
  11. Knowledge Management
  12. Supplier management

Chapter 5: Service Operation

  1. Purpose, goal, objectives & Scope
  2. Service Operation definitions
  3. The Service Desk
  4. Technical Management
  5. Application Management
  6. IT Operations Management
  7. Service Operations Processes
  8. Event Management
  9. Request Fulfillment
  10. Problem Management
  11. Access Management
  12. Technical Management

Chapter 6: Continual Service Improvement

  1. Purpose, goal, objectives & Scope
  2. Models and Processes
  3. The Deming Cycle
  4. Measurement and metrics
  5. Continual Service Improvement activities
  6. Risk management
  7. Continual Service Improvement interfaces
  8. Interface with Service Level Management

Chapter 7: Exam Preparation

  1. Sample Exams
  2. Feedback
  3. Recap

*After completing these modules, candidate would be eligible for following International Certification.

a)      ITIL® 2011 (EXO-001)